Elephant- common symbol of Thailand – its image is adorning walls in the temples, all kinds of clothes, even drinks, but the situation of the real elephants is not easy… 🙁

For hundreds of years used for heavy work, nowadays – mainly in tourism…… On almost every corner ads are trying to attract you to “elephant trekking”…which is a terrible abuse of these intelligent, sentient mammals. On most of these “trips” they are beaten, on some of them even chained… not to mention what this bloody, wooden thing is doing with their backs..

But I found great place, definitely the best one where we can pay a visit 😉 Elephant Nature Park.
It’s a unique sanctuary located in the northern Thailand founded by Sangdun ’Lek’ Chailert. Her granddad was a shaman.. he taught her how to speak to animals . 20 years ago she began to rescue injured and mistreated elephants and at the beginning of 2000s she was able to establish a permanent homeland for them in a beautiful valley.

Beside elephants, there is a number of rescued buffaloes, dogs and cats.

All the money you pay for a visit goes for elephants’ welfare.
I found them smiling;)