About Me

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Dear animal lovers,

Let me introduce myself – My name is Magda and I am a photographer with passion for animals. My aspiration is to capture your pet’s unique personality and let it shine through in the photos. I believe that to achieve this it takes great insight and an intuitive ability to create a con­nec­tion with your pet.

I photograph animals for private collections. I specialize in pet portraits creating artistic images with a natural approach. I travel to the homes of pet lovers all around Dublin, capturing the life, love and loyalty of their companions.

I have always been a huge animal lover and a strong advocate for animal rights. I enjoy a vegetarian life-style in harmony with nature and I love being surrounded by animals – I am a proud mummy of three beautiful cats.

My adventure with photography started over 10 years ago when I first come to Ireland and travelled through the country admiring its wildlife.

 My love for animals inspired me to become involved with a charity organizations where I took adoption photos of animals. The joy and fulfillment I felt each time a loving family was found for one of them made me realize this is exactly what I want to do!

I decided to join my two passions, the one for animals and the one for photography, and become a pet photographer.

Over the last few years I took part in several photography exhibitions in Dublin. I also enhanced my skills and techniques through several photography and post-production courses. I continue to support different animal charity organizations by offering my photography and graphic design skills

If you are crazy about your pet and you would like to catch that special bond between each other, I invite you for a photo-session.